GDC 2010 Day 3

Gods my feet are killing me.

The companies represented at GDC are generally worldwide studios and/or those based out of the California area. Thus, unless you are...
  • out of college or only have one semester left, are
  • living either not in the U.S. or are but in the California area, or you're
  • willing to move.

...I can't really recommend the Career Pavilion. I must admit I'm biased, as I'm based in Texas and have two semesters left on my Bachelors at time of writing, but I believe it still holds.

Additionally, you need a portfolio. I can not stress this enough. The most powerful material I can think of would be a fully functioning demo of some kind.

For game designers and producers, game jams such as the Global Game Jam are an excellent opportunity to pad your portfolio Just make sure the games you make work, and run on your laptop (if it can run without installing an SDK, all the better).

Anyway, I was searching for summer internships, so I crawled the Career Pavilion.

Today I spoke with and got adverts for:
  • Activision
  • Bigfoot Networks
  • Big Huge (38) Studios
  • Blizzard
  • Guerrilla Games
  • High Voltage Software
  • Insomniac
  • Riot Games
  • THQ
  • Ubisoft

Some were helpful enough to point me to their job/internship website. Others were only helpful helpful enough to tell me "no internships here" (they really should of put up a sign).

Here's what killed me the most though: A year is a long time. To give you some scale, in a year (from time of writing), the motion control systems (what I call "Console Generation 7.5") from Microsoft and Sony will [probably] be out. The overwhelming impression I got today is that because the tech isn't available to the public yet, there's simply no desire from studios to get an intern with "mocon"-oriented game design skills
(If any recruiters see this and disagree, please, notify me ASAP!).

I took a couple of breaks during my Career Pavilion Crawl:
  • Played "BitTrip Runner"
  • Played "Igneous"
  • Attended a complimentary session by Michael Saladino (Watch here)
  • Played around with DSi XL (definitely getting this ASAP)
  • Talked to a localization service about the Thought Ticker
  • Attended the Disney Career Pavilion Mixer (sad, no one from Junction Point was there)
  • Played "Brutally Unfair Tactics Totally Ok Now (B.U.T.T.O.N.)"

Then the Expo floor closed and everyone was herded out.
  • Attended 12th Annual Independent Games Festival & Awards Ceremony
  • Attended 10th Annual Game Developers Choice Awards

I'll certainly be acquiring all of the IGF and GDCA nominees (if I can) but I'll probably spend the most effort on the winners (Sorry nominees, I barely get any time for games these days. Schoolwork, I'm sure you understand.).

I've posted a number of photos from the GDCA to the album.

I found it odd that Warren Spector showed for the awards but no one from his studio (Junction Point) including him attended the Disney Mixer. That kinda irks me. If I'd known I wouldn't of stood a chance here maybe I'd of opted to go to SXSW instead of GDC (chance of a lifetime aside).

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