GDC 2010 Day 2

Only one new photo in the GDC 2010 album, and it's not even from the convention.
At least the company has a sense of humor.

Anyway... today (like yesterday) was pretty boring.

Hung out at the Intel Game On event a bit. There's not much to say about the Sixense controller than I already have. Their business partner didn't consider it worth it to include head tracking, and because of it any application of the device which involves movement in virtual environments will be plagued with camera control issues. *groan*

That is of course, assuming what I've been told was correct.

Anyway, I woke up late, really late, so I only ended up getting to the convention around 2pm. The internet was crap, so I couldn't really watch the Sony Presser live, so I had to watch Kotaku's liveblog of the event. How's the irony, that an event I could walk to if I had clearance could be best accessed via a liveblog from the press, rather than the official streaming video from the source.

Anyway, so they officially named the PlayStation Motion Controller "PlayStation Move".

Well Sony, good luck getting search engine distinction with that.

As for the details and inner workings of the PS Move, I can't respond at the moment. When I do though, it'll probably be on

After the convention, I socialized with a group of attendees for a bit at a gathering at the SF Marriott bar (I don't drink).

Annnnnd yeah that's pretty much it.

Tomorrow's gonna be a blast though, with the Expo Floor and Career Pavillion opening up.

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