GDC 2010 Day 3

Gods my feet are killing me.

The companies represented at GDC are generally worldwide studios and/or those based out of the California area. Thus, unless you are...
  • out of college or only have one semester left, are
  • living either not in the U.S. or are but in the California area, or you're
  • willing to move.

...I can't really recommend the Career Pavilion. I must admit I'm biased, as I'm based in Texas and have two semesters left on my Bachelors at time of writing, but I believe it still holds.

GDC 2010 Day 2

Only one new photo in the GDC 2010 album, and it's not even from the convention.
At least the company has a sense of humor.

Anyway... today (like yesterday) was pretty boring.


GDC 2010 Day 1

I've uploaded a photo album of GDC 2010 that I'll update over time.

NOTE: The timestamps on the photos from Start through Mar 9th are in U.S. Central time. All photos in the album from Mar 10th on will be in U.S. Pacific time.