Shortchanging in Character Creation


These people are discussing "BESM", a tabletop roleplaying game.

Character creation is point-based, where you have a certain amount of character points and you spend them to buy things such as "attributes".

Attributes have "levels" (a.k.a. "ranks") where you must pay a certain amount of character points to get more levels (these values are called the "points per level" or "cost/lvl" or "pts/lvl")

There are things you can buy called "variables" which you can apply to an attribute to enhance the attribute
There are things you can buy called "restrictions" which you can apply to an attribute to hamper the attribute.

Variables cost you extra points to attach them to an attribute.
Restrictions give you points back for attaching them to an attribute.

As-is, BESM has attaching variables and restrictions affect the final cost of an attribute rather than the attribute's cost per level.


[Alice] I think I may of just pinpointed what exactly is the root cause of why the character creation process is so broken, and a relatively-simple fix that could be applied that might of fixed it


GDC 2010 Day 5

A relatively boring day until Session #5, which made the whole trip worthwhile.


GDC 2010 Day 3

Gods my feet are killing me.

The companies represented at GDC are generally worldwide studios and/or those based out of the California area. Thus, unless you are...
  • out of college or only have one semester left, are
  • living either not in the U.S. or are but in the California area, or you're
  • willing to move.

...I can't really recommend the Career Pavilion. I must admit I'm biased, as I'm based in Texas and have two semesters left on my Bachelors at time of writing, but I believe it still holds.

GDC 2010 Day 2

Only one new photo in the GDC 2010 album, and it's not even from the convention.
At least the company has a sense of humor.

Anyway... today (like yesterday) was pretty boring.


GDC 2010 Day 1

I've uploaded a photo album of GDC 2010 that I'll update over time.

NOTE: The timestamps on the photos from Start through Mar 9th are in U.S. Central time. All photos in the album from Mar 10th on will be in U.S. Pacific time.


Console Generation 7.5

A lot's happened in this "seventh" generation of videogame consoles.