Teleporters should be universal

I was just watching someone play Two Worlds. There are teleporters in the game that can take you to the location of another teleporter somewhere else in the world.

...but, you can't take your horse with you.

Now, granted, in the movie Galaxy Quest, they explained away the teleporter's inability to transport anything but humans by saying it was designed for their anatomy, but that was as a plot device (and it didn't actually make any sense because it could teleport clothes just fine).

In Two Worlds, teleporters operated by magic.

I can think of no reason why a teleporter (especially a magic teleporter) wouldn't be able to teleport entities besides yourself when there's no physical size or social issues with doing so (ex. in ES3:Morrowind, all teleporters were inside buildings, which would be a little awkward if the game let you have a horse, whereas in Two Worlds all the teleporters are outdoors).

Furthermore, it'd be neat if the game world were to actually take advantage of this, such as having a trade route system where merchants move from city to city via teleporter.

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