Save Point Teleportation

I was recently watching a speedrun of Metroid Fusion, and it occurred to me that there's no realistic logical reason for a futuristic game to have save points. They simply have no real world purpose or equivalent.

This is not an argument to replace save points with any-time saves (which I agree with but should wait for another time).

I would strongly recommend that save points in an open-world capable game (that is, areas aren't "levels" which are locked off once you complete them) also have the ability to teleport between eachother if they're in the same general locale (such as was the case in Metroid Fusion), especially if the setting is futuristic (again, like Metroid Fusion). Think about it. What other use could technology that essentially acted as a real life save point be used for? Duh, teleporters!

If you want a precedent for this, Okami included an unlockable where you could teleport between save points (and that wasn't even futuristic... well, not really).

You could make the teleport function anything. A generic or plot-based unlockable, only available at save points you've been at, or however you want to spin it. You could easily create reasons why previously accessible teleporters would be unavailable (such as network interference).

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  1. Static save points in games generally annoy me. It's like if I was watching a TV show and the only times I could stop watching the TV show is when the makers of the TV show allow me to at points that they arbitrairly put in the show.