Tents and Sleeping Bags: Lookouts, Turret-Defense, and Character Perks

Another RPG sleeping mechanic that doesn't make much sense to me is only being able to use tents and sleeping bags on the world map. It's a fuggin' tent! Where you use it shouldn't matter (unless of course it's too cold, or you'd get in trouble with the law for sleeping there).

In dungeons or anywhere else legal excluding the world map, you could simply have the trade-off that someone in your party has to stay up as a lookout. (Realistically, this should probably apply on the world map too, but that sounds excessive) If you're alone in your party, you simply stand a greater chance of being attacked in your sleep since you don't have a lookout.

If this is implemented in action game or an MMO, the lookout could engage attacking enemies while the rest of the party sleeps. In this case, sleep could run on a timer (visualized as "rest bar") lasting no shorter than ten seconds, with longer durations resulting in a more restful sleep. Noise (from combat or otherwise) could affect the timer or even end sleep. Sleep would be forced to end if an enemy successfully attacks a tent. This essentially turns sleep into a game of tower-defense in highly-populated dungeons.

A possible character perk in a non-action game could include "sleeps with one eye open", when they're in your party you don't need a lookout. Another could be "doesn't require tent" where the character doesn't need a tent to sleep (they may require one to heal injuries, see HP-based Injury System).


  1. How do you account for sleeping spells? Is it game over (impossible in an MMO) or does the party get captured.

    More great ideas I'd really like to see implemented.

    RPG's are (IMO) pretty boring in general. I'd like to see things like this spice them up a bit.

  2. Sleeping with one eye open still isn't all that good of an idea; it'd probably induce some sort of lethargy debuff on the character that decides to use the ability/perk. Light sleeping could work, depending on how you want to handle possible threats appearing while sleeping.

    You could probably also have a character with a floating scanning device, checking the nearby area for possible hostiles. Another idea lies in creating a perimiter around the campsite, with trap wire or somesuch.

    At any rate, you could work on this so much that part of fighting would involve sleeping, and you could even find enemies this way. Depending on how well you make stuff, you could have a varying percentage of a chance to find an enemy ready to attack you, another to catch it, and another for how you're affected by general lethargy, assuming that the game is trying to be as realistic as possible. Remember that most of the issues like this stem from oversimplification of certain things that have become staples in RPGs and games like them.

  3. Interesting idea, but would you also have the option of waking up the rest of the party if it seems the attack seems to powerful to defend against, and you don't want the party to be surprised by the enemy attack?

  4. I would like the multi use sleeping bags but they would cost more too lol

    also i agree why not camp anywhere unless it's "too dangerous" "too cold" etc and add wounds that wont heal via sleeping alone or exhaustion that wont heal via sleeping alone like a kinda permanent mana drain till fully rested