Save Timelines

Many games try to have as much plot as feasibly possible. Many of those games wish to include a branching storyline. Even if the developer has a large budget, practicality issues arise when developers try to do branching storylines because a lot of additional effort must be made to design and implement these story branches and the player typically cannot be expected to play through the entire game again just to experience the other branches.

Games with branching storylines rely on the player to find these alternative paths on their own. For example, some players intentionally make numerous saves as backups that they can go back to at any time. When branching storylines are involved however, keeping track of what saves are important and why is time-consuming and often impractical, as the player often has no way of knowing if their current decisions have any impact on the plot.

I assert that if it were easy for the player to go back in time to the key plot points in a game and make different choices, more players would be willing to play through this additional content.


Tents and Sleeping Bags: Lookouts, Turret-Defense, and Character Perks

Another RPG sleeping mechanic that doesn't make much sense to me is only being able to use tents and sleeping bags on the world map. It's a fuggin' tent! Where you use it shouldn't matter (unless of course it's too cold, or you'd get in trouble with the law for sleeping there).

Tents and Sleeping Bags: Use Limits and Sizes

Looking over my last post, it occurred to me how stupid it is to have "tents" be expendable items in a traditional RPG. It's a fuggin' tent! It's not like a potion where after you use it once it's useless. Do not make tents expendable. Same goes for "sleeping bags".