Camera Item

Many games suffer problems caused by bad camera angles.

The alternative generally is to give the player control of the camera, but that has the chance of the player abusing that control (such as to look around corners).

One way to discourage such abuse could be to make camera-control an item.

Through applied phlebotinum, the character has a physical object which controls the game's camera. This can be either be a magical artifact or a flying robotic eye or whatever.

The item you actually hold is the control interface. The camera's controls could be as simple as primary and alt fire cycling between the nine basic camera positions (one behind and above, two over the shoulder, two on the sides, three head-on and far away, and birds-eye) and "off" (which reverts to a first-person camera). After setting a preference, you simply switch to a different weapon (the camera angle stays the same throughout).

The camera itself flies around. This allows the player to set a preference while discouraging abuse by letting enemies shoot the camera. If the camera is shot, it has to dock with the player and heal (forcing the player to use a first-person perspective).

This camera should also pathfind, transition viewing modes smoothly, and be able to detect walls. The birds-eye camera needs to always use "heading up". To be fair, the flying camera should be extremely visible from the front (ex. giant red eye) and practically invulnerable when it's close to the player. Also, this camera item should be available from the beginning of the game at no cost.

Level designers should mark various still positions for when the camera would need to be still. These still camera positions would need to be set up to only trigger if the player's current preference matches that position type (or range of position types) and the player is within proximity. Come to think of it, whether the camera moves to these still positions or not should be a player preference. You can call it "Smart Camera". You can prevent these still camera positions from being easy enemy targets by claiming that making the camera sit still independently of the player also makes it completely invulnerable.

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