HP-based Injury System

Assume you're making a turn-based RPG.

Every time you revive, 10% of your maximum HP is knocked off.

Camera Item

Many games suffer problems caused by bad camera angles.

The alternative generally is to give the player control of the camera, but that has the chance of the player abusing that control (such as to look around corners).

One way to discourage such abuse could be to make camera-control an item.


Deserved Player Killing: Chat-based

You know what would be awesome? If CC info for MMO subscription (or signup, I'm fine with free-to-play) was (unbeknownst to the player) used to determine if the player was actually female, then give the player the undroppable "cyber-killer". This weapon would allow the player to instantly mute and kill anyone nearby who chats "cyber" or "sex".