Applications of Rumble and Speaker on Linking Cap

First, read about the Linking Cap.

Now normally, I'd say the only components of a WiiMot+ that would be needed for the Linking Cap are the 3IRLED triangle, bluetooth, and what's necessary to get a one-to-one motion tracker. That means no input buttons (aside from the power button), no IR camera, no rumble, and no speaker.

However, if we aren't going for just the bare minimum, some extra functionality could be added by leaving in rumble and the speaker.

With rumble, you get direct force feedback on the player's head. This rumble could be triggered any time the player character takes damage or is in pain.

A speaker on the player's head can be used for a number of things...
  • An audible version of the Thought Ticker
  • NPC to PC telepathy
  • Above-head directional speaker
  • Out-of-ear directional speakers
  • Simple damage SFX

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