Bluetooth Earpiece

Once upon a time, I thought that Nintendo was going to beat the Xbox 360 and PS3 out in the voice chat department by making their own earpiece headset.


Using a Pump-Action Shotgun

Pointing at an object and holding 'A' universally means "grab" in the current full motion controls. When you have a weapon equipped to a hand and you aren't pointing at something that can be grabbed, holding the 'A' button "arms" the equipped weapon. You keep holding down 'A' as long as you want the weapon "armed".


Don Timers

I plan on having large customizable buttons on the HUD for switching between equipment sets.

In addition to that, I'd like for a circular "loading" timer to appear on the button when clicked to simulate how long it would take to don the new equipment. The length of this timer would depend on how long it would take to doff the old equipment, pull the new equipment out of storage, put the old equipment into storage, and don the new equipment. (Of course, since this is a game it would only take a tiny fraction of the time it would in real life.) Once the timer expires, the swap takes place instantly.


Lean to Sprint

As I mentioned previously, I'm planning on having the character "run" when the player is standing normally and "walk" when player is crouching slightly. The only movement speed factor remaining is "sprint".