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I was asked to write a short summary for Magine Worlds like you'd see on the back of the game's box, so I dug out some in-depth summaries from my archive and put some quick summaries with them. These episodes are the ones I've got so far.

Magine Worlds Episode 1: Training

Quick Summary:

Forced to leave your friends and family to attend a state-run boarding school for magic training, you must learn to adapt and survive a hostile learning environment to become licensed magine.

In-Depth Summary:

This first episode focuses on training you to use the Full Motion engine. In the prologue, it spends a significant amount of time in your hometown teaching you how to move around and about the culture and technology of Hub. Then it carts you off to the boarding school of your choice where you learn how to use your newly given powers.

While normal training is hard enough, you must also overcome social, political, and personal barriers on the road to becoming a true magine. You also keep in touch via mail with your best friend from back home, (as a form of saving your progress) who is attending the other academy. This episode spans ages 6 to 16 in the character's lifetime.

Magine Worlds Episode 2: Graduation

Quick Summary:

Some time after returning home, disturbing visions of government agents plague you. All is not what it seems.

In-Depth Summary:

The second episode focuses on exploring the character's graduation not just from the academy but from the illusion forced on your culture by the government. It starts by reviewing your training and updates you on the cultural changes and technological advancements that have been made in the ten years you were away. It is important to note that students at the academies were intentionally kept in the dark of these changes until they returned home. Your training is put to practical use. Attachments to people you left behind are re-established. You continue to keep in touch via mail with your best friend, whose family moved to another city.

Then the visions begin. You try and hide them from those around you, but they become more frequent and more vivid with time. Near the end of the episode, you witness the murder of a homeless man by government agents. You run home, but your parents aren't there. You're searching the house for them when the agents you saw earlier knock on your front door. You panic and flee out a second floor window. The episode closes at sunset with a scene of your house burning to the ground. This episode spans ages of 16 to 18 in the character's lifetime.

NOTE: It is important that two episodes are spent solely on "prologue". It is imperative that the player acquire emotional attachment to the town and townsfolk the character grew up with and had to leave. Same goes for the academy and your classmates.

Magine Worlds Episode 3: Companion

Quick Summary:

The next morning, you return home to find your house in ashes. You must find your friends, wherever they may be.

In-Depth Summary:

The episode opens with you sleeping in an empty barn several blocks away from your house. It's pouring rain outside. The next morning, you return to the remains of the house you were born in and discover that none of your neighbours remember you, your parents, or anyone you know. All they know is that the house was condemned and has been scheduled for demolition for months.

You have no clues as to the whereabouts of your friends, so you decide to leave town and head to where your best friend growing up said his family moved to, all the way on the other side of Hub. You board a ship headed for a port near there, and try and stay out of sight as much as possible. The ship is attacked en-route by raiders, and you help the crew fight them off. The fight takes a turn for the worse, and the raiders almost succeed when the royal navy arrives, quickly dispatching them. You notice one or two government agents among the navy fighters, and quickly hide yourself inside the ship.

You arrive at the port the next morning and catch a caravan the rest of the way. Having finally met a person that recognizes you, you tell your friend what's happened. Depending on the letters you sent your friend in Episodes 1 and 2, your friend will either join you or reject your story. Your friend may even turn on you and call the police.

Either way, one or both of you leave town and soon afterwards accidentally save the life of a young girl. (See Your Party for more info) If you're alone, this girl joins you out of gratitude. The curious thing is that this girl is way too young to be a graduate of an academy, but has serious skills with her forces. You bring this up deliberately and "ask" if she knows someone that might know a thing or two about "what's really going on". Reluctantly, she directs you to a conspiracy theorist a few towns away. The episode ends as you board a train for that town. Your character is 18 during this episode.

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