Box Summaries 1

I was asked to write a short summary for Magine Worlds like you'd see on the back of the game's box, so I dug out some in-depth summaries from my archive and put some quick summaries with them. These episodes are the ones I've got so far.


Lean Forward for Optical Zoom

A sheet of paper is on the wall.
You have the character walk over to it and look at it.
You the player can't read it from so far away, so you lean forward as if to see the TV better.
Leaning forward causes the character to focus their eyes on the paper.


Reach, Grab, Think

An object is on the floor.
The player has the character walk over to the object and look at it.
The thought ticker pops up with "What's that?"
The player reaches out with their wiimote, causing the character to reach out with their hand.