Volume-based Inventory

Modern inventory systems in games are based on "grids" or "slots". Both of these are pretty silly when you think about how badly they emulate real life. Using a "grid" forces you to essentially play tetris with your inventory, and "slots" only make sense if you assume you have a compartment specially-designed for each unique item you have.

Why not instead simply have each item have a single value for how much space it takes up called "volume" and have each compartment (be it a pocket or a backpack or whatever) have a set "maximum volume" for how much you can stuff into it?

Improved Wiimote Stand

I've improved on the Wiimote Stand.
(drawing is to scale @ 100dpi)


Adding the WiiMot+ to Head Tracking

Few people are as ecstatic about the announcement for Wii MotionPlus as I am.


Penalizing users of big breasts

This just occurred to me, but in addition to applying common sense to female armor (See the section on durability in this post) I think I'll also penalize players for making female characters with large breasts by applying common sense to that too.


Why do I need three Wiimotes?

One of the Wiimotes is a 6DOF headtracker. It tracks the position and orientation of your head as an input. This allows you to look, turn, lean, crouch, and jump without the use of buttons, joysticks, or pointers. The other two Wiimotes are in your hands.

Let's talk about HP

I don't think I've explained properly why I've split HP into so many different bars.


1:1 Movement and 6DOF headtracking innovated

Now that 1:1 movement and 6DOF headtracking have been successfully innovated, I can go forward with plans and now say that Twomote (Two Wii-mote) Style is a definite yes for Magine Worlds. Want to push at the ground with your left hand while pushing backwards with your right for propulsion? No problem. The headtracker can handle all the looking and turning now, so there's no need to use a "look margin" with a pointer.