Heads-Up-Display (Version 6)

This is a mock up of the latest version of the Heads-Up-Display I plan on using for Magine Worlds. It incorporates many of my more recent ideas.

  • Reconfigurable GUI

    There's a menu you can access which allows you to click to drag, rotate, and raise any item in the HUD to however you like so the HUD suits your visual preferences.
  • Character Statuses

    From upper-left to lower-right
      Exhaustion Timer (orange, invisible if higher than 1 hour) Stamina Bar (bright red) Blood Bar (dark red) Hunger Bar (yellow, invisible if below 1/3) Thirst Bar (light blue, invisible if below 1/3) Available Concentration Bar (bright blue) Current Concentration Bar (dark blue) Ability Meter (pink, yes I realize it's from Shadow of the Colossus, but I've improved on it.)
    It may look like a lot to swallow but if you read what each one does they make a lot of common sense.
  • Thought Ticker

    Tells you what your character is thinking
  • Quick Switches

    These are buttons that can be clicked on to quickly switch to or use that object. The graphic on every quick switch is configurable, and you can have as many on screen as you want.
      SQUARES : Weapon Sets : I don't want to waste controller buttons on a previous/next weapon function, do you? These are set in your inventory screen, and there are many background graphics to choose from. (The default is that one with a number on top like shown) CIRCLES : Techniques : Although you can use your other D-Pad to select techniques manually, this is much faster for accessing your favorite techniques. These are set in your spellbook screen, and there are many background graphics to choose from. (The default is that one with a number on top like shown) DIAMONDS : Items : When you create or obtain a potion, lotion, or powder, the game asks you if you already have one of it in your inventory so it can be visibly stacked. (Although it does make certain you're sure you don't already have one in your inventory, new items don't lose any qualities if they're incorrectly stacked, you can just unstack them and put them somewhere else.) If not though, then you get the choice of configuring what graphic and color the item gets in your inventory display. (There are ~10 graphics for each item type and ~16 colors to choose from) If you so choose, you could make a weak healing lotion pink, a moderate one red, and a strong one dark red, all with different background graphics. This custom graphic system comes in extremely handy when you set an item to a quick switch.
  • Compass

    It looks bent because this world is a disc, not a sphere. "North" points to the center of the disc. This is a shortcut to access the map.

The two starry things are what I have for the pointers for each hand at the moment. The right-hand star rotates right (clockwise) and the left-hand star rotates left. (counter-clockwise)

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