3rd Person Storytelling

I did a bit of thinking about this game over my vacation and this idea crossed my mind.

Currently, the game begins on a grassy hillside outside the protagonist's village. What I thought of adding was something similar to what's done in Assassin's Creed. The game's story would be told from the perspective of your two young offspring (sons if you picked a male protagonist and daughters otherwise) who alternate back and forth as narrators while telling this story to their friends on the same hillside where the story began.

If you die or are defeated and choose to continue, the other narrator would stop the current narrator and say "What really happened was..." and continue where you last saved. Likewise, if you decide to quit back to the title menu, the narrator would say "that's enough for today, it's getting dark" or something around those lines.

Additionally, this whole storytelling function could serve as a way to introduce the protagonists for a sequel, this time featuring your offspring.

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