Character Stats

Statuses (Stats you don't upgrade directly and are shown in the HUD)
  • dark red bar
  • "wounds" drain blood slowly, and can only be stopped by "healing items"
  • for the most part, everyone has the same amount of blood in their body
  • game will notify you if blood gets low
    • an audible heartbeat increases volume and tempo
    • when extremely low, screen border pulses red
  • if blood reaches zero, you die
  • bright red bar
  • overlayed on blood bar
  • drains whenever you take any kind of concussive damage
  • maximum stamina value is "stretched" to fit field
  • maximum stamina goes down when blood goes down
  • stamina cannot exceed blood bar
  • recovers faster if you rest
  • maximum stamina affected by body score
  • if stamina gets low
    • audible panting
    • character is sluggish
    • ability drains faster
    • exhaustion timer is greatly accelerated
  • a bright blue bar overlayed on a dark blue bar
  • bright blue bar is "available concentration"
  • dark blue bar is "current concentration"
  • drains while doing anything that requires concentration
  • recharges automatically and fairly quickly
  • use of concentration accelerates exhaustion timer
  • low willpower adversely affects current maximum concentration
  • thin yellow bar
  • positioned right below blood bar
  • only appears when hunger is not near zero (under 1/3)
  • drains whenever you eat something
  • game will notify you if hunger gets high
    • your character will inform you via the thought ticker that they're hungry
    • hunger bar pulses white
  • once hunger hits maximum...
    • stamina bar cannot exceed 1/3 your blood bar
    • available concentration cannot exceed 1/2 your current concentration
  • thin light blue bar
  • positioned right above concentration bar
  • only appears when thirst is not near zero (under 1/3)
  • drains whenever you drink something
  • disappears when you come in contact with water, even rain
  • game will notify you if thirst gets high
    • your character will inform you via the thought ticker that they're thirsty
    • thirst bar pulses white
  • once thirst hits maximum...
    • stamina bar cannot exceed 1/2 your blood bar
    • available concentration cannot exceed 1/3 your current concentration
  • improved version of the stamina bar from Shadow of the Colossus
  • drains when character...
      grips, runs, (if body score is not zero) sprints, swims on the surface of the water, (if body score is not zero) swims underwater, uses equipment that whose requirements to use are barely passing (if body score is not zero) uses equipment that requires extra exertion to use
  • recovers faster if you rest
  • if ability hits zero, you are forced to stop doing any activity that drains ability
  • how much time you have before your character must sleep
  • large orange countdown timer
  • starts at 12 hours
  • countdown accelerates depending on your actions while awake
  • doesn't care if you're in a safe location or not
  • appears only if you have an hour or less remaining (configurable)
  • game will notify you if the exhaustion time gets too low (configurable)
    • exhaustion timer pulses white
    • character audibly yawns
    • your character will inform you via the thought ticker that they're tired
  • you can go to sleep at any time, regardless of exhaustion
  • when exhaustion hits zero, you sleep for longer than if you voluntarily triggered sleep
  • sleeping in an unsafe location may result in burglary or death
Scores (stats you upgrade)
  • affects damage and throwing speed
  • affects maximum jump height/length
  • affects ability to temporarily lift heavy objects
  • along with Body score affects maximum load
  • measure of general body health
  • normal is zero
  • overweight characters have a positive body score
  • malnourished characters have a negative body score
  • upgrading a non-zero body score moves body score closer to zero
  • affects maximum stamina and along with Strength score maximum load
  • overweight characters have...
    • bulkier character models (changes what clothes/armor fit you)
    • reduced maximum stamina
    • reduced effective toughness
    • reduced running speed
      (Please suggest conditions an overweight person would have that a malnourished person wouldn't)
  • malnourished characters have...
    • slimmer character models (changes what clothes/armor fit you)
    • reduced maximum stamina
    • reduced effective toughness
    • reduced running speed
      (Please suggest conditions a malnourished person would have that an overweight person wouldn't)
  • how particularly intelligent you are
  • normal is zero
  • affects difficulty of puzzles
  • increases effectiveness at skills
  • affects ability to resist influencing effects
  • willpower drain also lowers maximum concentration
  • The body's ability to absorb concussive damage
  • How hard it is to get you to bleed
  • All external damage is just another form of concussive damage
Talents (Unskilled additional facets)
Danger Sense
  • ability to sense moving objects and sounds not in your line-of-sight
  • danger sense pauses the game and shows you the physical location of the danger
  • The fastest you can run in a straight line on level terrain
  • how much unequipped weight you can carry on you
  • heavier loads decrease maximum jump height
  • heavier loads decrease running speed
  • heavier loads increase stamina drain while running and sprinting
Skills (Characteristics you obtain through practice)
  • Ability to successfully produce herbal items and potions
  • "Success" here means it doesn't have undesirable side-effects

I'm open to suggestions, particularly additions to the Talents and Skills sections.

Nothing on this list should be a "playeristic", a stat which can be replicated by the player's own personal skill.
("Dexterity" and "Sword and Shield Combat Style" are playeristics)

It takes a long time to get hungry, and it doesn't take a lot of food for a person to satisfy their hunger. Technically, you can survive on bread. (although bread won't have many bonuses like more tasty foods do)

I want to have unreal time run at 3x the speed of real time. Assuming your character eats three times a day, possesses a loaf of bread, that a single loaf of bread can last through several meals, and that 8 hours of unreal time is devoted to sleep, you have 5hrs 20min of contiguous real time during which you would eat three meals. So you see, spending too much time on finding food shouldn't be an issue. Some people may not have to eat for days on end, depending on your character's physical condition.

Thirst, as everyone knows, works differently than hunger. Often, people can go days without consuming a drink because they either have or obtain what moisture they need through what they eat. Again, a person's physical condition can affect how often they become thirsty. Moisture is also a lot easier to come by. The only question is is it fit to consume. For example, salt water generally isn't fit to consume, but freshwater generally is. Rain in the middle of nowhere is generally fit to drink, but rain from a smoggy sky isn't. Drinking water not fit to consume, like drinking anything, may have adverse side effects.

Concentration in Magine Worlds is like MP in most RPGs, except you use it for everything, from skills to magic. What I want to do for skills is make each one its own minigame. These playeristic-skill minigames would have the option to "concentrate" while doing them. Doing so drastically increases your chance of success, (usually by making the minigame easier somehow) but consumes a portion of your concentration until you stop concentrating. What characteristic-skill level would do would be to indirectly make you more likely to succeed at a skill by making "concentrating" consume less concentration, allowing you to eventually double or triple (or more) how hard you're concentrating simply because it's costing less and less.

Doing things that require a lot of concentration cause the exhaustion timer to accelerate.

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