Hand Display

I've been working on Magine Worlds trying to add "Currently Selected Technique Info" to the HUD (heads-up-display) and noticed it was getting a bit cluttered, so I thought "The player needs to know this information, but where can I put it if not on the HUD?" Then I realized that as part of full motion, I could have the character look at their hand (It could be inspired by the watch menu in GoldenEye 007 for the N64 but I doubt it). The player could move the camera and their own hand to look at their palm to see this information. The information would be permanently visible on the character model (not visible to NPCs, obviously) as floating a few inches above the hand.

Character Stats

Statuses (Stats you don't upgrade directly and are shown in the HUD)
  • dark red bar
  • "wounds" drain blood slowly, and can only be stopped by "healing items"
  • for the most part, everyone has the same amount of blood in their body
  • game will notify you if blood gets low
    • an audible heartbeat increases volume and tempo
    • when extremely low, screen border pulses red
  • if blood reaches zero, you die