Mouth voices

You know, if you're going to include voice-chat in live multiplayer such as an FPS, wouldn't it be awesome if you treated your voice as if it were actually coming out of your character's mouth?


Game Manuals

For the love of Gods, never pad a manual to 100 pages under the pretense that it's making the manual more useful. I realize that writing the manual's a mostly thankless job as in general no one but an attentive PC gamer will touch the manual in their lifetime, but that's no reason to cater specifically to that minority. (i.e. don't write the game manual like a technical manual, write it like a children's book) Outside of that, if you're needing to pad the manual because the game's just that complicated then you're doing something wrong in the design stage.


Hiding GUI Elements when Irrelevant

I'm already planning on having the Exhaustion Timer, Hunger Bar, and Thirst Bar disappear if they're currently irrelevant. Right now I see no reason why any HUD element shouldn't disappear when it's irrelevant.


"There's more than one way to skin a cat."

Boss battles (particularly final boss battles) absolutely must have more than one way to beat them.


Bluetooth Earpiece

Once upon a time, I thought that Nintendo was going to beat the Xbox 360 and PS3 out in the voice chat department by making their own earpiece headset.


Using a Pump-Action Shotgun

Pointing at an object and holding 'A' universally means "grab" in the current full motion controls. When you have a weapon equipped to a hand and you aren't pointing at something that can be grabbed, holding the 'A' button "arms" the equipped weapon. You keep holding down 'A' as long as you want the weapon "armed".


Don Timers

I plan on having large customizable buttons on the HUD for switching between equipment sets.

In addition to that, I'd like for a circular "loading" timer to appear on the button when clicked to simulate how long it would take to don the new equipment. The length of this timer would depend on how long it would take to doff the old equipment, pull the new equipment out of storage, put the old equipment into storage, and don the new equipment. (Of course, since this is a game it would only take a tiny fraction of the time it would in real life.) Once the timer expires, the swap takes place instantly.


Lean to Sprint

As I mentioned previously, I'm planning on having the character "run" when the player is standing normally and "walk" when player is crouching slightly. The only movement speed factor remaining is "sprint".


Box Summaries 1

I was asked to write a short summary for Magine Worlds like you'd see on the back of the game's box, so I dug out some in-depth summaries from my archive and put some quick summaries with them. These episodes are the ones I've got so far.


Lean Forward for Optical Zoom

A sheet of paper is on the wall.
You have the character walk over to it and look at it.
You the player can't read it from so far away, so you lean forward as if to see the TV better.
Leaning forward causes the character to focus their eyes on the paper.


Reach, Grab, Think

An object is on the floor.
The player has the character walk over to the object and look at it.
The thought ticker pops up with "What's that?"
The player reaches out with their wiimote, causing the character to reach out with their hand.


Crouch to Walk

If I'm going to bind movement and strafing to the left D-pad, (which is always "running" by default) I'm going to need a way to "walk" or "creep" without additional buttons.


The Other Half of the Head Tracking Kit

This is based on the 6DOF head tracking I told you about earlier.


Body Score Color

I'm already having a numeric "Body" score that tells you if you're living a healthy lifestyle, but what about how you're feeling that day?


Don and Doff

"Equip" and "Unequip" in terms of armor and clothing are bulky and sometimes awkward words to use in regards to putting on or taking off the item in question.

I recommend using simply "don" and its opposite, "doff".


Volume-based Inventory

Modern inventory systems in games are based on "grids" or "slots". Both of these are pretty silly when you think about how badly they emulate real life. Using a "grid" forces you to essentially play tetris with your inventory, and "slots" only make sense if you assume you have a compartment specially-designed for each unique item you have.

Why not instead simply have each item have a single value for how much space it takes up called "volume" and have each compartment (be it a pocket or a backpack or whatever) have a set "maximum volume" for how much you can stuff into it?

Improved Wiimote Stand

I've improved on the Wiimote Stand.
(drawing is to scale @ 100dpi)


Adding the WiiMot+ to Head Tracking

Few people are as ecstatic about the announcement for Wii MotionPlus as I am.


Penalizing users of big breasts

This just occurred to me, but in addition to applying common sense to female armor (See the section on durability in this post) I think I'll also penalize players for making female characters with large breasts by applying common sense to that too.


Why do I need three Wiimotes?

One of the Wiimotes is a 6DOF headtracker. It tracks the position and orientation of your head as an input. This allows you to look, turn, lean, crouch, and jump without the use of buttons, joysticks, or pointers. The other two Wiimotes are in your hands.

Let's talk about HP

I don't think I've explained properly why I've split HP into so many different bars.


1:1 Movement and 6DOF headtracking innovated

Now that 1:1 movement and 6DOF headtracking have been successfully innovated, I can go forward with plans and now say that Twomote (Two Wii-mote) Style is a definite yes for Magine Worlds. Want to push at the ground with your left hand while pushing backwards with your right for propulsion? No problem. The headtracker can handle all the looking and turning now, so there's no need to use a "look margin" with a pointer.


3rd Person Storytelling

I did a bit of thinking about this game over my vacation and this idea crossed my mind.

Currently, the game begins on a grassy hillside outside the protagonist's village. What I thought of adding was something similar to what's done in Assassin's Creed. The game's story would be told from the perspective of your two young offspring (sons if you picked a male protagonist and daughters otherwise) who alternate back and forth as narrators while telling this story to their friends on the same hillside where the story began.


Two-mote Style

I may of implied, but not explicitly explained how I plan on using two Wii-motes while still being able to move, strafe, look, and turn.


Heads-Up-Display (Version 6)

This is a mock up of the latest version of the Heads-Up-Display I plan on using for Magine Worlds. It incorporates many of my more recent ideas.


Thought Ticker

Basically, its a little black row at the bottom of the screen (height adjustable) that would inform you of what your character is thinking right that second by way of text scrolling across it.


Hand Display

I've been working on Magine Worlds trying to add "Currently Selected Technique Info" to the HUD (heads-up-display) and noticed it was getting a bit cluttered, so I thought "The player needs to know this information, but where can I put it if not on the HUD?" Then I realized that as part of full motion, I could have the character look at their hand (It could be inspired by the watch menu in GoldenEye 007 for the N64 but I doubt it). The player could move the camera and their own hand to look at their palm to see this information. The information would be permanently visible on the character model (not visible to NPCs, obviously) as floating a few inches above the hand.

Character Stats

Statuses (Stats you don't upgrade directly and are shown in the HUD)
  • dark red bar
  • "wounds" drain blood slowly, and can only be stopped by "healing items"
  • for the most part, everyone has the same amount of blood in their body
  • game will notify you if blood gets low
    • an audible heartbeat increases volume and tempo
    • when extremely low, screen border pulses red
  • if blood reaches zero, you die