Use of Force and Handling Force

Use of Force

Possessing a force orb allows you to exert the force of that orb. Most commonly, you will exert this force by having it flow directly out of your hands. Moving your hands while doing so manipulates the direction of the flow. This is known as the "fluid" form of force control. (Realize that by "your hands", I literally mean YOUR hands. The path your hands travel in the real world is exactly copied in real time to the path your character's hands travel in.)

You can also clinch your fist (press a button) to start charging that force. Although merely clinching your fist does charge force, moving that charge around will make it charge faster. Unclenching your fist (pressing that same button) or "throwing" the charge (swinging the charge and then stopping it abruptly) will cause that force to discharge from your arm either in the direction your arm is pointing or in the direction you throw it. Typically, thrown charges move faster. You can also combine both hands into one charge.

More imaginative magines can also envision a technique in their mind (select a pre-made technique from the technique editor) and execute it without moving. This is known as the "solid" form of force control. It is the effective combination of both fluid and solid methods that make you a powerful magine.

The only forces we know of are "push", "pull", "heat", and "cool". What these forces do should be self-explanatory. Each arm can only handle one force at a time, but "solid" form techniques can use as many forces as the magine likes.

Handling Force

Although you can do it, it's not a good idea to carry around a force orb in your hand. If you're exposed to a force orb for anything longer than a few minutes you'll become ill and could even die from exposure. Because of this harmful "radiation", one of the first major advances in force orb technology was the manufacturing and issuing of specially-shielded carrying pouches which negate the effects of the radiation.

The pouches were rather small and all the same size, but wasn't too much of an issue, as the more a magine utilizes a force the smaller orbs of that force shrink to when in close proximity to that person. This meant that you could fit more orbs in your pouch as you became a better magine. That's always a good thing, as each orb of a force that you possess increases how much of that force you can handle at once.

Basically, you will be allowed to literally throw a Hadouken.

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