Walking : This is the preferred method of thermokinetics, and is the most dangerous mode of travel. You're far more likely to be attacked by bandits, raiders, and wild animals when you're alone.

Caravan : This mode of travel is both more and less dangerous than walking, but you have to pay for your ride and/or have skills that will contribute to the group. Often enough, caravans get attacked by raiders and wild animals which are far more desperate than you.
Boat : You are capable of acquiring a boat. Although slow, you are unlikely to be attacked by anything other than predatory sea creatures. Additionally, telekinetics have been known to pilot their boat by using one "pushing" hand as a rudder, significantly increasing travelling speed.

Ship : Towns that have nearby waterways often offer passage to other nearby towns. It typically costs more than travelling by caravan, but less than travelling by train. Ships come in various sizes depending on the body of water they cross, and the bigger the ship, the less likely the ship is to be attacked by raiders while onboard.

Flying : This is the preferred mode of travel of telekinetics, and is both more and less dangerous than walking. You can still get attacked by the occasional airborne wild animal, but the real threat is from raider telekinetics and bowmen.

Flock : Sometimes, if you're lucky, you can manage to land an escort job either with the mail servicemen or with a private client. This mode of transport is either very safe or very dangerous. Mailmen are rumored to be extremely experienced telekinetics and pride themselves on their extreme sense of duty, so why they sometimes put an ad out for an escort occasionally is puzzling. Escorting private clients generally pays really well, but your charge is usually useless in the event of an attack.

Train : The central government set up railways between the major cities. It's more expensive than travelling by ship, but at least you're safe from danger.

Cavern : Various shrine caves exist across the surface of Hub. Outside these shrines is a fountain in which lie thousands of tiny glass marbles. These caves open into a large cavern which down a staircase stands a huge dias surrounded by a bottomless pit. By depositing one of these glass marbles into the large raised pool in the center of the dias, the staircase swings down into the dias and the dias elevates and rotates until you arrive at the shrine that the glass marble came from. These shrines are rare, and you can only return to shrines you either collected marbles from yourself or bought or found elsewhere. Additionally, you can't tell if cavern marbles you buy or find elsewhere are legit or not until you use them.

Anything I missed?

No, teleportation doesn't count. I'm not going to put teleportation in as something available to the public.

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