Overview, Key Locations, and Scale


You live on a disc world called Hub. The sun and moon revolve around the disc:

The orbits of the sun and moon spin like coins. That means the moon makes one spin every month, and the sun makes one spin every year. As a result, the seasons on hub act like this:
The disc itself does not move or rotate at all. The majority of the disc is covered in one giant continent. No landmass exists anywhere near the edge of the disc.

Key Locations

Academy of Telekinesis : This school is located in a wide mountainous area covered in forests and peaks. The natural environment provided by the area is perfect for the instruction of telekinetics. Students of the School of Telekinesis all learn how to use both push and pull over time, but when they begin their training students choose a specialty to focus more on. (like a "major" in college)

Academy of Thermokinesis : Most of this school's complex is underground, and utilizes the existing cold and volcanic environments in the instruction of its students. Students of the School of Thermokinesis all learn how to use both heat and cool over time, but when they begin their training students choose a specialty to focus more on. (like a "major" in college)

"Home" : Your home town. You spend a little time here before you're sent off to school and stay a while longer after you return. Your home town is actually a randomly-chosen city on Hub, renamed at your choice before the game starts.

The Hubward Federation : The megalopolis situated at the center of Hub under direct control of the central government. The city's imports, exports, and immigration are strictly controlled, as The Hubward Federation is far more technologically advanced than the rest of the world. It's rumored that most people residing in the city do not use force orbs at all, but no one knows why.

"Other Towns/Cities" : The names and locations of other towns and cities are randomly generated, as to make each player's journey more unique.

I want the surface area of Hub to be about four times the size of Morrowind. (if any of you haven't played TES III: Morrowind, that's big.)

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