Screen Size and Physical Location

The screen configuration settings in Zelda: Twilight Princess are enough information for the game to determine the approximate screen size and physical location of the screen edges.

Potential uses of this data includes determining if the player really is pointing at the screen (as opposed to off to the side) as well as increasing the precision of the pointer. In fact, the method described below might be exactly what the game does now.



Windy : Mundane projectiles deviate depending on wind speed and direction. Flight is hampered depending on wind speed and direction.
Rain : While it is raining, you cannot faint from thirst. Vision is slightly impaired. Can hide yourself inside clouds.


Character Creation

At the beginning of the game, you start as a child. The initial customization fields include:

Your Party

"You" (name chosen by player) : A young magine. You've led a life like any other normal Hub kid up to this point.


The first rule of combat is "anything and everything can be a weapon."

Take the above to heart. Anything and everything can be equipped as a weapon. (or more accurately, grabbed and then used as a weapon)


Force Orbs : Allow you to exert force. Requires training to use effectively.

Weapon Bits : Potential components for constructing mundane weapons.


Walking : This is the preferred method of thermokinetics, and is the most dangerous mode of travel. You're far more likely to be attacked by bandits, raiders, and wild animals when you're alone.

Caravan : This mode of travel is both more and less dangerous than walking, but you have to pay for your ride and/or have skills that will contribute to the group. Often enough, caravans get attacked by raiders and wild animals which are far more desperate than you.

Overview, Key Locations, and Scale


You live on a disc world called Hub. The sun and moon revolve around the disc:

Use of Force and Handling Force

Use of Force

Possessing a force orb allows you to exert the force of that orb. Most commonly, you will exert this force by having it flow directly out of your hands. Moving your hands while doing so manipulates the direction of the flow. This is known as the "fluid" form of force control. (Realize that by "your hands", I literally mean YOUR hands. The path your hands travel in the real world is exactly copied in real time to the path your character's hands travel in.)

Game Concept Philosophy


This game is trying to prove that actually moving your limbs and "being the character" in a game is fun. Fundamentally I am trying to achieve something that has never been achieved before in that the game tracks the actual movements and physical location of the player's arms and head as inputs for controlling and interacting with the game. This game tries to do so in the simplest-yet-deepest way possible by making the controller become less of an "interpreter of the fingers" (inactive gaming) and more of an "extension of the arm."


Key Bindings

These are the current key bindings I have set up for Magine Worlds.


Recap 2007

Let's recap what's happened so far...