World Info Review

This will be a 2D ultra-low-resolution MMO which as part of its intention is to run fast on a Win95 computer with 56k dialup, however regardless of this to contain the gameplay needed to compensate.

Timekeeping & Navigation

Imagine a coin being spun in place, as if on the floor. Now take the 'equator' of the sphere such a coin makes and imagine a smaller coin sitting still in it's center face up. The edge of the spinning coin is the path the sun takes, and the smaller coin is Hub, although the Hub's 'coin' does not move at all. Where the path of the sun is considered, the same is true for the moon, except that the moon's 'coin' is smaller, (and thus its rim is much closer to Husmilie and is being spun much faster than the sun's 'coin'. Here's a visual aid:

Naturally, the seasons on Hub are split. Where the sun rises and sets, it's summer.
(the middle does not have a clearly defined summer or winter)[/center]

World Gate Mirrors

On the surface and far below within the depths of Hub exist hundreds of huge rectangular mirrors. Upon activation, these mirrors show the reflection of an identical mirror on another world, and can be passed through at will. (primary use is to link the official world with the worlds created after the game's launch, making a constant link between every server)

No subscriptions, but this space for rent.

Outside the initial cost to buy (betas are free) there's no subscription cost. However, you can rent server space and use an in-game editor to design your own little world. Once completed, the world is linked to the main game so that anyone can move their player between Hub (main game) and your world.

You are mortal.

One account, one character, so you REEEALLY don't wanna die.
At startgame, you are in an immense labyrinth with the rest of the n00bs which is filled with tricks, traps, riddles, and puzzles on the way to the exit. There you forge alliances and find your first friends ingame. But, at 'endgame', you are entirely alone in the rat maze. You gotta think your way out of hell.

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