The philosophical concept of causality or causation refers to the set of all particular "causal" or "cause-and-effect" relations. A neutral definition is notoriously hard to provide since every aspect of causation has received substantial debate. Most generally, causation is a relationship that holds between events, objects, variables, or states of affairs. It is usually presumed that the cause chronologically precedes the effect. Finally, the existence of a causal relationship generally suggests that, all things equal, if the cause occurs the effect will as well (or at least the probability of the effect occurring will increase).

Examples describing causal relationships:
  • The cue ball colliding with the eight ball causes the eight ball to roll into the pocket.
  • The presence of heat causes water to boil.
  • The Moon's gravity causes the Earth's tides.
  • A good blow to the arm causes a bruise.
  • My pushing of the accelerator caused the car to go faster.

You play as one of five teenagers that get caught in a vortex which threw them back one generation prior. They learn various details about their parents past and after various other involuntary jumps backwards in time discover how all their families were connected somehow, how their ancestors knew each other, etc.

They will encounter various chances to correct the future by changing the past, such as when Will and Jenn find out who killed their parents, how Jack's father became rich, why Mother Schnell treated Will and Jenn the way she did, and how Jack's ancestor became infected with the disease that led to his mother's death. There's also a great deal I've written about Beth's ancestors' pasts but I won't list all that here, it would ruin the plot.

There's also a great deal about a being known as the "Temporal Mechanic", the one responsible for their leaps back in time, as well as having to 'replay' the first half of the game again as an older you to fix what you screwed up the first time around.

At various points throughout the game by creating a paradox you run the chance of getting one of your team mates erased. So often you have to stop your friends from creating them, no matter what the consequences that end up happening in their time. This plays a major role all the way through.


It's the end of the school day, Will and Jenn normally get a ride home with Jack. Beth's ride couldn't make it, but she knew they got home somehow and figured she could get a ride with them. Jack meets Beth and falls for her. (Beth however hates rich people with a passion) They all head towards the back parking lot. In a dark alleyway shortcut on the way there a large portal appears and sucks them in. A few seconds later Bill appears and jumps into the portal just before it closes.



Gender: Male
Age: 17
Grade: Junior
Personality: Extrovert, "blue blooded"
Condition: Rich
Relations: Father
Talents: Diplomat

Born into the upper class of society, Jack had every comfort. After his mother died of a hereditary disease when he was 13, he stopped believing in the one key principle taught to him all his life, that money could buy '''anything'''. After he recovered from the loss he fessed up and told his father he no longer wished to attend private schools. (never letting on that none of his peers called him friend after 2 long years) After a short argument, Jack was enrolled in the local school district, where here too he was avoided. (his father owned all the major businesses and industries in town) In his sophomore year in high school, he met William and Jennifer, two orphan siblings being raised in a foster home. They became friends on meeting, Jack had finally found peers who weren't afraid of his father's influence... and then he met Beth.


Gender: Male
Age: 15
Grade: Sophomore
Personality: Introvert, brilliant
Condition: Very poor, abused
Relations: Sister (Jennifer)
Talents: Inventor, engineer, artist

He and his sister, Jenn, were abandoned when when he was 4 years old, and grew up in various foster homes. At present, he lives with Miss Schnell (and her many companions) who abused them often, claiming that she knew their parents and wouldn't "tell them anything" as an excuse for her actions. He's very protective of his little sister, and would do anything to shield her from all threats. (ex. the many bullies at school who poked fun at them for their poverty) Soon after being moved into their current home, he met Beth, who lived in the same neighborhood. The three have been close friends ever since. In middle school on he intently studied the great inventors, dreaming of one day becoming the next great innovator. He never told anyone about his abusive foster-mother.


Gender: Female
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore
Personality: Introvert, quiet, caring
Condition: Middle-class
Relations: Mother, father, and unborn brother
Talents: Fist-fighter, counselor, photographic memory

Despite growing up in a bad neighborhood, Beth had a very happy childhood. Occasionally she had to fight off (beat the crap out of) the local "tough guys" to defend herself growing up and others after maturing. (the bullies knew they'd get their asses handed to them by the time she had reached middle school) It on one such occasion that she met William and Jennifer, and when they learned she lived in the same neighborhood they visited her quite often. (almost every day) She never knew why, but when she asked if she could come over to his house some day William insisted that she never come near their house, claiming their foster-mother hated company. (She found this ironic considering how many different men she saw leaving the place)


Gender: Female
Age: 13
Grade: Freshman
Personality: Very introverted, genius, innocent, naive, very quiet
Condition: Very poor, abused
Relations: Brother (William)
Talents: unknown

Abandoned with her brother when she was 2, they spent the better part of her life moving from home to home, each one worse than the last. Her brother protected her fiercely all her life from the outside world. After landing with "Mother Schnell" as she demanded being called, Will told her that she said she knew their parents and that they would stick with her no matter what until they found out what she knew. Her school's entrance intelligence exam score was off the charts, however her common educated knowledge was almost non-existent, so she still started a year behind her brother. Abused all her life and watching her brother get worse for defending her, she grew up with a frail persona. Out in public she tries to hide behind her brother constantly at all times. Beth is the only other outsider she'd talk to.


Gender: Male
Age: 18
Grade: Senior
Personality: Extreme introvert, mysterious, mute, genius
Condition: unknown
Relations: unknown
Talents: unknown

Note: Bill is not a playable character.

Very little is known about Bill's past. The only knowledge that could be found about him by his classmates was that he had transferred in some school they had never heard of and that his exam scores were straight A+'s all across the board. Most often he's seen off on his own wearing an expensive-looking black leather trench coat. No one's ever heard him speak.

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