World Info Review

This will be a 2D ultra-low-resolution MMO which as part of its intention is to run fast on a Win95 computer with 56k dialup, however regardless of this to contain the gameplay needed to compensate.



The philosophical concept of causality or causation refers to the set of all particular "causal" or "cause-and-effect" relations. A neutral definition is notoriously hard to provide since every aspect of causation has received substantial debate. Most generally, causation is a relationship that holds between events, objects, variables, or states of affairs. It is usually presumed that the cause chronologically precedes the effect. Finally, the existence of a causal relationship generally suggests that, all things equal, if the cause occurs the effect will as well (or at least the probability of the effect occurring will increase).


Server space for rent, cheap!

I promised I wouldn't force a monthly fee on the players, but I didn't say anything about players paying for additional services.

And no this is nothing like 'premium' service.