Why are there 26 Forces?

Have you played the first FFT? Remember it's use of the zodiac?
Well, there's some very good reasons why Magincard Worlds has so many forces.

All magic can be divided into the five PSIONs.

And it's not just a magic system, it's also deals directly with religion and politics.

Light, Gravity, Earth, Fire, Darkness, Time
Phase, Nature, Ice, Electric, Wind, Water,
Essence, Soul, Balance, Mind,
Energy, Heart, Inquiry, Zeal,
Chaos, Diversity, Unity
Rift, Void, Fusion

The game has its own language, Ang-Chen.


All 3 circles correspond to the night sky above the disc. (the world the game exists on) Each constellation of the left circle hovers over the homeland of a particular race.

The yellowed stars are the 'main' star of each diety except Gaia, (you're on it) and each as such is directly related to that that race's religion.

The Hubward Federation took over the disc nearly a millenium ago. With that, the Hubwards set up 3 groups of the 12 former nations. (4 each) Each it's own country, each former nation now being a state of its new group.

A New Order

The new nations were grouped as such:
    I (Ice) N (Lightning) J (Wind) D (Water)
You'll note that this group all has to do with 'the elements'. (storms)
The residents of this nation are commonly called "Weathers".
    T (Light) G (Gravity) O (Earth) F (Fire)
All these have to do with the disc itself.
The residents of this nation are called "Dwellers".
    X (Darkness) L (Time) P (Phase) W (Nature)
The races and that the forces of this group are 'mysterious'.
The residents of this nation are called "Mystics".

Left Wing / Right Wing

Generally, there are 3 sides to an issue:
    Those for it. Those against it. And those who either
      A: are moderate, or B: don't care/think the argument is stupid.
As such, the political attitude of the "Weathers" you could say might be close to the Republican POV. (The "Dwellers" close to the Democrat POV and the "Mystics" in the middle.) You could say the reason there are so many forces is because it's highly political.

However, all races acknowledge the presence of the other 14 forces (the right circle) Because each magic user has the potential to use magic of all 5 force types, but also because there are no gods of those 14. All the gods mutually share them.
Whereas all the forces of the left circle are forces of tangible magic, the forces on the right circle are all abstract.
    Energy, the force of raw 'energy'; (personally or magically) Heart, the force of life; Inquiry, the force of doubt; Zeal, the force of courage and enthusiasm; Mind, the force of thought; Balance, the force of stability; etc.
None of these forces could be called another, they are each entirely independent. There are no other thinkable forces in existence. The reason there are 26 forces is because there are not 27. Everything's covered.

This deep, maybe even religious form of looking at magic is why Dual Spells, the crossing between these forces, are so important.

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