I am taking requests for racial talents and abilities.
Talents = unactivated & constant-effect
Abilities = activated and temporary

What I'm thinking is that MP in the sense most percieve it will be used for these racial abilities as some other acronym. (Maybe RP?)

Please balance talents you suggest. (on new lines to conserve space)

The current races are:
    Aven (Bird-like) Merfolk (Fish-like) Troll Goblin Human Elf Centaur Undead Dwarf Werebeast (mammal-like) Fey (faeries, etc.) Felid (cat-like) <-- Not werecats
Please don't make suggestions for abilities which are skill-related. There must be ONE learnable ability, no more. Undead can't really be a race usable by players, as most undead weaken significantly in sunlight. Shades (a.k.a. Invisible men)
    Skin turns white when in direct light. (dependant on the brightness of direct light) In shadow, only contours of the body are visible. The darker the shadow, the more transparent a shade's contours are. Dependant on the shade's overall general stats, the transparency is more effective. In shadow, clothing (not equipment) fades into contours with the Shade Can learn natural shade ability to Shadowmorph along dark surfaces
Also, I'm thinking of changing Centaur to something else. I'm open to suggestions.
This race has to be related to lightning or speed.

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