Voice Commanded Spells

One Player Capabilities:

You charge up your forces, it is shown as a % charged.

By holding down the "Command/Action" key, you 'command' your forces.

"16% I want Grendel5263's head to be enveloped in darkness."

You trigger the effect with keywords.
16% (Percentage #: required, must be first)
Grendel5263 (General Target: required)
head (Specific Target: optional)
envelop (Action: required)
darkness (Force: required)

Apart from the %, you can arrange the the keywords in any order.

You have to 'learn' the Action keywords through the course of the game, but you also need fairly good diction if you want to 'voice' it.

Multiplayer Capabilities

There are now only 600 Dual Spells left in the system

You personally are left with 20 spells you can cast alone or in cooperation with friends.

You can also find and cast 200 other spells, but these require other people to cast.

    You and your friend are running around. Your primary force is Fire, his is Wind. Both of you possess the Invoker spell card, "Fireball". "Fireball" requires a multiple of the ratio, "30% Fire : 20% Wind". Both you and your friend are charging your primaries. When a multiple of that ratio is reached, both you and your friend have to say "Fireball" and then the number of the multiple if any. You do NOT need to say it simultaneously, but there is a small time limit once any person says it to reply.
Any number of friends can help, but all who wish to must possess the spell card, and a force in its cost. You can say the spell name before you have suffecient charge, but all the friends who respond must have a % of their contribution ready when they respond. So, if 30 friends have Fire, 20 have Wind, all have "Fireball", and they each have at least 1% ready when they say it, it works. They pool their forces together to cast it. If the pooled % is not enough to cast it once the time limit for contribution expires, the spell negates or if possible reverts to the next lower multiple.

Once a spell is confirmed by the system, the first person who said the spell's name has to choose a target. This person can "pass" this ability to someone else by saying so. If a target is not selected within another small timelimit, the spell negates. To select a target, you can either say the name of the person, object, or monster, or you can select it manually.

There's an included adjustable voice editor...What, do you really want your voice on the open net?

    OK: Textchat Fast: QuickMenus Faster: Voicechat Fastest: QuickChat Shortcut
Pick your method.

TextChat = When you push the 'TextChat' key, a dialogue box will pop up. (By pressing the key again it minimizes) You have to type in the spell. Words are displayed in a speech bubble over your head and are shown in on the left side of the screen of all people nearby. (Text is transparent dependant on distance from speaker)

QuickMenus = By pressing the 'Dual Spells' key, a listing of spells you have pre-arranged will pop up. You have to select the spell manually. Basically the same thing will happen as in TextChat system-wise.
(Advantage: All spells are at the ready, little memorization)

VoiceChat = By holding down the 'Talk' key, you can voice the Dual Spell command directly. The system will attempt to recognize your words and comply.
(Advantage: Others hear and understand more clearly)

QuickChat Shortcut = For both the 'Command' system for Single Spells and the new Dual Spell system, you can opt to attach text/voice to a QuickChat slot. (The F keys) It acts just like VoiceChat and TextChat.
(Advantage: Fastest method)

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