HUD #2

This is a new and in my opinion far better Heads Up Display compared to the prior version.

The following is fully customizable even to the extent of moving around the locations of the items in the HUD.

You can assign a technique or spell to any key or key combo you wish.

Starting at the top center going clockwise
    Local and global clock Mini-map
      Compass Lclick+drag = Alter mini-map size Rclick+drag = Alter mini-map zoom Lclick+Rclick+drag = Stretch mini-map
    QuickItems on #keys 6-0 RightHand Control
      (Top) RightHand Equipped Item Control
        E = Slice with RightHand Equipped R = Use RightHand Special Ability D = Thrust with RightHand Equipped F = Cut with RightHand Equipped
      (Bottom) RightHand Equipped Display
        C = RightHand Prev. Item V = RightHand Next Item
    Armor and Personal Damage Display
    LeftHand Control
      (Top) LeftHand Equipped Item Control
        Q = Slice with LeftHand Equipped W = Use LeftHand Special Ability A = Cut with LeftHand Equipped S = Thrust with LeftHand Equipped
      (Bottom) LeftHand Equipped Display
        Z = LeftHand Prev. Item X = LeftHand Next Item
    QuickItems on #keys 1-5 ForceCharge% Display
      K7 = Prev. Force K9 = Next Force

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