Mage Levels and Rating

(INT+WIS) / 10 = # of MP earned every 10 Mage Exp. (MXP)

There are 17 Mage Levels. (MLvls) You go up one MLvl every 145 MXP.
You gain MXP when you acquire spells you can use.
Spells you can't use right now don't give you MXP until you can.
    Force Cards (+1) Lvl 2 Dual Spells (+2) Lvl 3 Dual Spells (+3) Lvl 4 Dual Spells (+4) Lvl 5 Dual Spells (+5) Lvl 6 Dual Spells (+6) Lvl 7 Dual Spells (+7) Lvl 8 Dual Spells (+8) Lvl 9 Dual Spells (+9)
Often, when you acquire a Force Card, you gain use of some Dual Spells you have but couldn't use. As a result, you gain even more MXP.

Mage Rating (MRtg) determines your rank among the wizards of the world. There is a constant point value (0-10000) on your MRtg which is your Hit Percentage with spells. (Spells which always hit don't count to this score) When you overkill (with magic) a being with MLvls or when a such being overkills you (with magic), MRtg points are added or removed from you and that opponent's MRtg.
If you win &________________________
    Your MLvl > Their MLvl, then you have little MRtg gain. Your MLvl = Their MLvl, then you have little MRtg gain. Your MLvl Their MLvl, then you have great MRtg loss. Your MLvl = Their MLvl, then you have little MRtg loss. Your MLvl <> If (INT+WIS) is greater than 9 at gamestart, you can use magic right off the bat and are known as a 'Normal Wizard'. At gamestart, Normal Wizards gain 1 MP. Most choose to sink that point into a spell slot so they can can immeadiatly start casting spells. Others choose to hold that point until they have enough MP to buy higher spell slots and/or Spell Tabs. (Review: When a Normal Wizard sticks a spell in a spell slot and then uses the spell, it 'locks' the sleeve for 4 hours. A Normal Wizard can cast an infinite number of spells per day) If you don't have that 10 sum but choose to learn magic later you are known as 'Half-Wizards'. Players must have an INT of 10 or more by the time they gain a multiple of 10 MXP to become a Half-Wizard. Half-Wizards have several disadvantages. First off and most obviously, Half-Wizards start learning magic much later than Normal Wizards do. Secondly, they have to pick which spells they want in their spell slots at the first login of the day and can't change any of them for 8 hours straight. (A whole day in game time) Half-Wizards can't use Spell Tabs. A Half-Wizard has a limited number of times he can cast a spell in a slot per day. Half-Wizards do not have MLvls or MRtg.

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