Body and Armor Damage

When real armor is hit, most of the damage is done to the armor, and and only concussive damage is dealt to the person, right?

In 13th Element, I planned for armor to have 2 variables: Current Toughness, and Maximum Toughness. As armor is hit, it's current toughness decreases.

So say your opponent is slicing at you with a sword or something and it would hit your upper torso armor.

When it hits, a random number is rolled for initial damage from the weapon.
This becomes divided into 2 variables, "Damage" and "Resistance" because you are wearing armor. Damage should be reduced if your opponent is tired (Low Stamina Percentage).

I created four formulas that explain exactly how damage to armor and person are calculated., but people are confused enough as it is.

It's basically a curved inverse relation between what condition your armor is in, and how much damage you take.

The more damaged your armor is, the more damage you take.

But it's a curve, so how effective your armor is changes slowly then drastically as you continue to take damage.

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