There are so many beliefs as to the creation of the Universe that they will not be debated here.

However, the creation of Hub has been proven and here shall be explained.

Five millennia ago, the dimensional expanse where the Hub was to be was empty save for the presence of 12 quasi-dimensional beings.

They were experts in their respective areas of expertise.

They were named Aero, Undine, Glacius, Ignia, Auris, All-Mother Lifia, Auron, Naztul, Gaia, Lufia, Opus, and All-Father Tempus.

Most of the meetings in this location only took place for battle, fighting for the divine right to be known as the one God.

But they had all become weary of this over the eons, and formed a truce.

At this time, 5 millennia go, they began to put into action the creation of the celestial body we now call Hub.

With Gaia's knowledge of the terra, she created a flat perfectly round disk 800km in width.

With Auron's expertise at manipulation of the poles, he created the disk's magnetic poles, one at the center, and one which encompases the outer rim of it.

Using his cold fury of stasis, Glacius created the Hub Spire at it's center, which would stand as testament for all time.

Aero used his fine control of the shifting air to create the winds, which were to never cease circling the landmass.

Naztul, although his contribution seemed menial, formed the empty space which surrounded the disk on all sides.

Working together in response, sisters Auris and Ignia created the fiery celestial body we hubwards commonly call Serra.

And light and heat began to warm the disk.

Lufia then saw a problem in this, Serra would not move. How could this disk sustain a purpose if it would only be heated and lighted on one side? So using her great strength, she formed a counterweight to Serra which we call honor with her name, and the two celestial bodies began to circle the disk.

Opus, who kept the doorway to the outside multiverse all this time, closed it, and in doing so caused the creation of the hundreds of World Gate Mirrors that speckle Hub's surface and depths.

All-Father Lifia and All-Father Tempus looked on the new world and saw their time of contribution was at hand.

So Lifia put forth the seeds of life into the earthern disk, as the perfect counterpart to her partner's action.

And to set it all in motion, for time to begin, All-Father Tempus did just that.

Each member of the 12 looked on their creation and saw that it still seemed to be missing something.

Thus, each being simultaneously and without consent of the others, created a race of sentient beings each in their own image.

Upon realizing this, the 12 new "Gods" realized that so much magic had been used in this last creation that to quarrel over this and attempt to destroy one of the other god's races would risk desroying the entire work, The completed Hub.

And thus the beings of the disk became known as "Hubwards".
Forever barring conflict between the Gods as long as they existed.

Anyways, that's how the world my game exists in was created.

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