Language System Review

Few games include their own language. Fortunatly, this isn't too hard to grasp.

A = Diversity, B = Balance, C = Chaos, D = Water, E = Essence, F = Fire,
G = Gravity, H = Heart, I = Ice, J = Wind, K = Energy, L = Time, M = Mind
N = Electric, O = Earth, P = Phase, Q = Soul, R = Rift, S = Fusion, T = Light
U = Unity, V = Void, W = Nature, X = Darkness, Y = Inquiry, Z = Zeal

First, arrange your words like Yoda.

Now, look at Japanese.

In Japanese, every sound is a letter.
In Ang-Chen, every letter is a sound.

Our roman alphabet would be translated into the following bolded sounds:
Diversity Balance Chaos Water Essence Fire (ABCDEF)
Gravity Heart Ice Wind Energy Time Mind (GHIJKLM)
Electric Earth Phase Soul Rift Fusion (NOPQRS)
Light Unity Void Nature Darkness Inquiry Zeal (TUVWXYZ)
null, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

Each of the 26 Forces has a symbol
Each symbol is also a letter in the alphabet



When the language is written, the word is divided into a symbol for every 2 letters.
The two runes are overlapped on eachother and a dot representing the position of the earlier letter (in the Ang-Chen alphabet) is placed in an empty space on the appropriate side of the new rune.
When 'A' is in the word, 'A' is a separate rune.
When two or more of the same rune like this, "OOO" is part of a word, only one rune is shown and a dot is placed anywhere within the rune for every occurance beyond the first.
Same-rune sets are split whenever possible, so "KEOOH" could be written as "K EO OH".

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