MP and Spending It

You don't spend MP to cast spells in 13th Element, so I thought, "Hey, if MP isn't going to be used for casting, why the heck can't I use it for something else?"


Body and Armor Damage

When real armor is hit, most of the damage is done to the armor, and and only concussive damage is dealt to the person, right?

Bodily Damage

Seriously people, what's the point of HP if it doesn't do anything character-wise?



There are so many beliefs as to the creation of the Universe that they will not be debated here.

However, the creation of Hub has been proven and here shall be explained.


Graphical Style

I want 13th Element to be fully 3D with changeable interfaces to match your current activity.


Weapon Finesse

You know how in games like Diablo 2 you have to have special stat requirements in order to equip a weapon?

Well, I was thinking, what about this?


Government System Review

Language System Review

Few games include their own language. Fortunatly, this isn't too hard to grasp.